Winter Cleansers: Kiss, Marry & Avoid

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

 I thought I would go through and rate/categorise if you will, a few cleansers and why I would choose them to be my winter cleanser of choice. Starting with the avoid as we’ll end with some positives…

Click on the product name for a direct link to purchase it, if it sounds like a bit of you! 


Simple - Moisturising Facial Wash -£2.49 

Nothing against this cleanser, the formula is incredibly light and foams well. As it’s a light and foamy cleanser, I think it’s best suited for a refreshing cleanse on a summers morning. 


Glossier - Milky Cleanser - £15

I do love this cleanser as it’s weird gel like consistency removes make up well and it’s moisturising on the skin. I absolutely love the scent of this cleanser, it’s lightly rosy and just leaves the skin feeling clean and supple. 

Lush - 9 to 5 - Discontinued (Lush pls bring it back) 

Another winter fave, but sadly discontinued product, which I hope they bring back. This is very simple and moisturising for a cleanser. I love lush products because they are made with natural ingredients and very soft on the skin.


Liz Earle - Cleanse & Polish - £15.50

This is a thick and creamy cleansers and once applied, you remove with a hot muslin cloth. It really gets into the pores and removes makeup well. The muslim cloth also creates a light exfoliation on the skin. Trust me, this adds a cosy cleansing experience with the hot cloth which is definitely needed every winter morning/evening. I cannot wait to re-purchase my cleanse and polish for the winter months. 

Emma Hardy - Moringa Cleansing Balm - £47

This cleanser is so expensive but if it’s within your budget, I would definitely give it a try. It’s 100 and 10% worth all your money and it lasts forever. (Well I made mine last forever). It melts your makeup off your face and once mixed with water, changes from a luxurious balmy oil to a milky consistency. I know Christmas is coming up and would recommend this if you want a treat. Smells incredible and will definitely make those darker morning and evening skincare routines a lot better.

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