How to press flowers

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

How to press flowers

Pressed flowers can be used in frames or can add a pretty touch. They also make a very cute gift for a friend or family member. 

Things you will need: 

Flowers of your choice, either picked or from a floral bouquet, maybe once there are starting to die. 
2 pieces of paper 
2 big books or something heavy to place onto of the plants 
1 pair of scissors
A frame, mine used in the pictures was from Matalan. You can click on this Link to get yours!

Step 1: collect your bunch of flowers. I have gone for a few flowers we picked from my grandmas garden and some roses. Pick a colour scheme/theme. 

Step 2: snip off the stems. 

Step 3: arrange all the flowers on one piece of paper. Remember that this will be the way they are pressed so make sure you like how they look (they won’t turn out perfect though! But that’s the beauty of it).

Step 4: place another piece of paper on top and put your paper sandwich in between two heavy items (I used books) and this will begin the pressing stage. 

Step 5: wait 48/72 hours to make sure they are dry and pressed. 

Step 6: remove the flowers from the paper and arrange in the frame. 

That’s it. I used mine for decoration and I loved the way it turned out.

Skincare Saviours: Lumity

Saturday, January 25, 2020

“Skincare Saviours” is a new series I wanted to start to talk all about skincare and different brands. This will include affordable skincare to the luxurious, to cover everyone’s needs. Hopefully these reviews can help you when your in your next skincare predicament. 

I got gifted this product by a friend that works with this brand so I’m aware it’s beyond a lot of peoples budget when it comes to skincare. Nevertheless I thought it would be fun to review as it’s a really cool product. 

The cleanser has thick black formula with small micro beads in it which help to exfoliate your skin. It also has 31 different botanical ingredients to nourish and clear your skin filled with the pollutants from the gross London air in my case.

It warms as you spread in onto your skin so you can feel it working but in a really nice relaxing way. You can remove it straight away with a warm cloth or you can leave it on your face as a mask for more of a thorough cleanse. 

It also makes your eyebrows black which terrified me when I first used it but it comes off with a wipe of a warm flannel. I recommend using a black flannel or muslin cloth depending on your preference. 

It leaves your skin feeling very fresh and squeaky clean. 

It retails at £55.00 which was super expensive for a cleanser but worth it if your looking to add some luxury into your daily routine.