About Me

This blog has been created to take you to cosy space and learn more about all things mental health, sustainability, beauty and more...

My name is Tia and I live in the UK working in the heart of London. Catch me working out, working hard or hardly working... or snuggled up in the biggest blanket or dressing gown with a warm drink in one hand preferably a coffee or hot choc. 

I open up about personal stories and give advice I wish I heard when I was younger and would've benefitted from when I was going through a hard time. All of these posts are about topics I am incredibly passionate about, so please feel free to contact me via email if this is something that aligns with you or you would like to work with me or just fancy a chat, always here. 

Please note that I am not a professional and all my posts are simply advice from all my learnings. If you do have a serious problem, please seek professional help :)

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