All Things Good - March Faves!

Monday, March 30, 2020

My March favourites are primarily lifestyle based, just because I haven’t left the house since Friday the 13th when I got sick with a nasty cold, so makeup hasn’t been my go-to thing.  

Whilst we are all in a weird period in our life’s, since being home and truly embracing my new routine, I have found a few little favourites for the month. 

Cosy essential - Recently I moved rooms in my house. I know a bit weird and I’m very lucky to do so, but my new room is a lot bigger which is really nice. One slight negative is that the room is bloody freezing, but my bed has a heated blanket which has actually become one of my favourite things ever. I like to pop it on just before I start my evening routine to get myself ready for bed so by the time I get in, my toes are super warm and cosy. It honestly does make me fall asleep faster and I would highly recommend one if like bit of warmth. I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea though. 

Coffee in the morning/WFH - Since I’ve been off I have been working from home. It did start by me living in my pjs and working in bed. But now I’ve found a little area in my house which I know is “my office” so I can be focused and productive there. Every morning I have actively gotten up at 7:30 and grabbed a coffee and just sat and enjoyed it. From someone who commutes every single day into London this is beyond a treat.

Dog walking - Since we are now restricted to one walk a day, I have been loving going for dog walks. I am incredibly lucky to live in the countryside, so the walks are stunning. All the new buds are blossoming and it’s very refreshing to be out in nature.
I absolutely love the rustle and bustle of London streets but since being home, it’s been nice to focus on nature. 

Adult colouring books - The best thing to calm you and it’s very satisfying. It’s something that’s kept me busy after work and I’ve been really enjoying it. 

With every going on,  just remember to...