Things I am bringing in 2022

Monday, January 10, 2022

New Year, New Me… not exactly but I’m continuing to make a massive effort with my health, mental health and trying to live my best life. 

In December I had a lot of incredibly difficult challenges in my life. Looking back it was very hard and we are still going through a lot of stuff but I truly feel as if my efforts with bettering my mental health have helped me. 

Here are some personal wins from last year:

  • bettered my relationship with food, still have miles to go but I don’t constantly think about food and binge anymore 
  • plucked up the courage to have big conversation with my manager about my MH and where my job was going 
  • my family really came together through some bad times and I got to spend some time with them

For Christmas, I received a journal from my mum. I’ve been committed to doing my journal for a couple of days now. It starts with a section of the why behind the journal which I love because this is movitated me to want to try to journal, to hopefully reap the benefits. Some of things for the daily spread include gratitude lists, daily goals for exercise, nutrition, meditation and more. This is keeping me accountable as I feel so much better when I complete all my goals. 

From this, here are a few things I have found which have made me feel good:

Finding a workout that makes you feel good, mine is Pilates and Running. They’ve been on the back burner when I was ill over Christmas but I have received picked back up with pilates and I just feel so good after doing it.

Drinking lots of water, no words, just makes you feel more energetic and better.

Eating your greens. Make it fun, I made a delicious kale salad with butternut squash and halloumi recently and it was amazing.

Meditation - get your zen on sis! 

Dress to feel good everyday. Honestly this makes such a difference to my confidence when my hair, makeup and nails are done aswell.  

This year I have also decided that everyday I will write something positive about my day and date it so at the end of the year, I will have a whole notes page of positive memories! 

Hope this blog post helps you with some basic ideas to get you ready in the new year.