Small Biz Series: Gifts for yourself or someone else who has anxiety.

Sunday, November 7, 2021

I have been recently been struggling with my mental health at work. Just feeling abit overwhelmed and anxious at times which is always normal when your job role changes or you start a new job. I thought it would be helpful to run through a few pieces of stationery from some small businesses which I think would help get my head a little clearer.

The Shit List - Sighh 

I thought this idea on a notepad. It’s kinda like an idea I was taught in CBT, where you write out everything that’s troubling you in an overwhelming period and then on the other side, you breathe and find a way to solve the issue in order to let go. 

Power Hour Note Pad - Sighh

I also loved the idea of this notepad. Especially for those days where you sit on the sofa all day, thinking about everything you need to do but don’t end up doing them… or maybe helpful for productivity at work. 

The “Be Kind To Yourself” Pin - Juniper Moon

I love the idea of constantly reminding yourself to be kind to you. Having a cute pin on your bag or a makeup bag, may be a daily reminder to not beat yourself as life’s too short to be mean to yourself and we all deserve better. 

“Worry Angel” Bracelet - Letterbox Love 

I feel like this would a perfect gift to a friend or yourself for those who have gone through a troubling time. Just as a reminder that no matter what your mind to saying, everything is okay. 

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