Homemade Vanilla Sugar Body Scrub Recipe

Thursday, April 23, 2020

In hope to be more sustainable and save the planet, I have made an aim to make more beauty products at home, have fun and be creative with it. About a month ago, I started making this scrub recipe just to test it out and now I have all my friends making it as it’s so good.

Ingredients + Recipe

an up cycled jar 
1/2 cup of coconut oil 
1/2 cup of soft brown sugar (any sugar will do) 
1 tbsp of vanilla essence


Combine all ingredients in a bowl until it's a whipped, smooth consistency. Pop this in a jar and use once a week for a good exfoliation and moisturize. 

The coconut oil is great at locking in moisture and leaves your skin smelling and feeling incredible. It’s a wonder product and has so many cool benefits for your body, skin and health. 

The brown sugar acts as a great exfoliant and really gets in and removes all the dead skin.

I think it’s best used once you’ve done a hard workout, before you shave your legs etc. Please just make sure you're careful when using it in the shower, as it’ll make the surfaces quite slippy.

Enjoy getting scrubbed up! - what a pun.

How to De-Clutter and some tips to keeping your place tidy!

Monday, April 20, 2020

As we are all spending more time at home, its easy to make more mess and for things to get out of hand. I have recently de-cluttered my bedroom and bathroom after reading the book "Minimal: How to simplify your life and live sustainably" By Madeline Olivia and it was much needed and you should definitely do this if you get the chance.

De-cluttering your shizzle

There is a rule to de-cluttering which is simply illustrated in the book (great read) but in short, break up an area into categories and then put this into sub-categories. So to start in your wardrobe, start with pulling all your socks out and picking out all the socks that have holes, that are itchy/uncomfortable and ones you don't like and put these in a pile to either give to a charity shop or recycle. Make a pile of socks that you like and are comfortable and the ones you um and ah about put in a maybe pile. So you should have 3 piles. Only put back the "like" pile and make sure you do it neatly. Pop the "no" pile in a box or bag to bring to the local charity shop/recycling bin (search for your nearest fabric recycling centre) and finally make a "maybe" box and hide this, if you reach to get anything from it, you can pop to in the "like" pile or within 6 months you can send this to charity.

On instagram I recently discovered a brand called Refashion, which send out free shipping bags to send your old un-wanted clothing and they re-sell it or upcycle it. They have a selected list of brands they love which you can follow or not. They ask that all clothes are freshly washed and the bags hold around 15 garments of clothing. With your bag, you get a return shipping label free of charge, so it's a super easy way of recycling old clothing.

You can always sell clothing on sites like Depop and Poshmark or upcycle it yourself. You can get crafty with your sewing kit and do some cool patterns on your jeans or shorts. Just get crafty with it!

Tips on keeping your place super tidy

I am a naturally tidy person anyways but I think that’s because I’ve adopted a few habits along the way.

I’ve learnt that by de-cluttering, it’s a lot easier to keep things tidy as you want to remain that way. I like that all the stuff I have now all has a spot (bar the Easter eggs on the side). So it simply takes you to put items back where they belong once you have used then. Not hard at all... But life can be busy sometimes and we can get lazy, so that’s when you form a load of clothes on your floor. It happens to me all the time and I hate mess.

The Solution: weekly just do a tidy up, I do mine every Sunday, hang up clean clothes, put dirty ones in the wash and pop everything back in it’s place. Ready to start a new week off!

As far as cleaning goes, one evening a week I just try and do it all in one. Give the floors a clean and Hoover, dust and clean. It makes a massive difference once you’ve cleaned your space and it’s also quite a workout.

Skincare Saviours: Soap & Glory Ultimelt

Friday, April 17, 2020

Over the years I have realised that my skin loves cream cleansers. The Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish was actually a skincare staple of mine as its very good at getting deep down and into the pores and removes make up well.

I think a very good dupe for that is, the Ultimelt Hot Cloth Cleanser from Soap & Glory. It has a super creamy formula and the scent is very soothing and relaxing which is lovely for a morning and evening cleanse. Retails for £10.00.

My preferred method of use is to get a pea sized amount and massage between your fingers before applying onto your face. Give your face a good massage and lightly rub over your eyes, nose and lips to remove any makeup and dirt. Then run the water until its hot to touch, and soak a muslin cloth (this is provided when you purchase the cleanser) in the water and ring it out. Slowly remove all the cleanser with the cloth until your face is super clean. The muslin cloth is very slightly rough on the skin which gives it a light exfoliation every time you cleanse. Repeat this process if you used the cleanser to remove makeup to provide a deeper clean or leave it on your skin for around 15 minutes for a cream cleansing mask. 

I like to follow this up with the For Daily Youth 6 -in- 1 Multi-Active Moisture Lotion. This is super hydrating and leaves my skin feeling light and nourished. It has a similar relaxing scent to the cleanser and great to use in the morning and evening. Retails for £12.00.

Working From Home Office Wishlist

Monday, April 6, 2020

As most of us are all working from home at the minute, why not make your office space super super cute.

I have put together a cute Wishlist of products I really want to have in my office. Maybe you can take some inspiration and get your desk setup looking great!

Daily Planner from UO - Super cute and definitely needed to keep organised during these times.

Plants from Patch  - If you are in London, this website is great for purchasing plants. Its simple to use and the delivery time is relatively quick. Plants are great for office spaces as they are cute and are proven to help with productivity. Patch also have a selection just for air-purifying plants, nothing better than plants making your air quality better.

Copper lamp from Wayfair Lamps are a nice touch to any office space. This one from Wayfair is really nice but they do have quite a few nice ones on their website. Definitely worth a look!

Stapler from Amazon - Staplers are office essentials, why not make it super fun and get one with copper staples to make those boring documents a little bit more fun.

Pen pots from Amazon - There are some really nice pen pots from Amazon. I think the hippo one is cute and childish. Whereas the marble one is more stylish. Depending on your taste, I thought they were both really suitable.

Self Care 101: Getting a Quarantine Glow

Saturday, April 4, 2020

Since we are all having to stay at home to keep away from the virus at the minute, I think its a great time to give yourself abit of self care. Imagine coming out of the quarantine and glowing like a goddess and feeling great.

While we have lots of spare time, we might aswell focus on ourselves. It's time to delve into your bathroom cupboards and find all the face masks and moisturisers.

Get your body movin'

As we get a walk a day, why not use it! I have 3 small dogs and I reckon they have never had this many dog walks in their lives. Walking and being around nature is scientifically proven to make you feel more energised and happy. Whilst we are getting abit of sunshine here in the UK, why not do it and I promise you won't regret it.

Why not try a new sport? Take up some yoga or do a home HIIT exercise workout. Just because gyms have closed, it shouldn't be an excuse not to get your body moving!

Have a bubble bath.

Literally nothing better than getting in a hot bubble bath after you've been on a cold walk or your a bit achey from yesterdays workout. If you don't have any bubble bath or lush bath bombs to enjoy a nice bath. A bit of body wash and a candle will do the trick. Grab a book and a hot cup of tea and relax! Try and keep this time tech-free as a lot of social media at the minute is slightly negative so best to keep away as much as possible.

Give your body a good scrub and shave.

Once a week, a good body scrub and shave is a really good way to get rid of the all dead skin and hair. I absolutely love it when my skin is silky smooth. Keep an eye on my blog for a homemade scrub with an in-built moisturiserssoon as I know a lot of stuff is very difficult to get hold of products at the minute.

Mask it up 

Put a hair mask, face mask, foot mask on. You name it, mask it. Masks are a great way to moisturise, deep clean and care for your body. During my usual day to day life, I tend to forget about face and hair masks a lot. But its super important to moisturise your hair especially if you like to dye your hair or like to apply heat.

Clean your sheets

Another treat, I like to do around my pamper evening is to make sure I clean my sheets. Its the best feeling when you get in a crisp clean bed and your soft skin touches the sheets. Just do it, its amazing.

Lastly, I don't know your situation, maybe you prefer to pamper yourself and enjoy this on your own. But why not get your family involved and get everyone doing face masks and nail painting. I feel like everyone finds face masks funny so why not bring a bit of positivity to your house or make it into a pamper party and enjoy a glass of wine while you do it!