Working From Home Office Wishlist

Monday, April 6, 2020

As most of us are all working from home at the minute, why not make your office space super super cute.

I have put together a cute Wishlist of products I really want to have in my office. Maybe you can take some inspiration and get your desk setup looking great!

Daily Planner from UO - Super cute and definitely needed to keep organised during these times.

Plants from Patch  - If you are in London, this website is great for purchasing plants. Its simple to use and the delivery time is relatively quick. Plants are great for office spaces as they are cute and are proven to help with productivity. Patch also have a selection just for air-purifying plants, nothing better than plants making your air quality better.

Copper lamp from Wayfair Lamps are a nice touch to any office space. This one from Wayfair is really nice but they do have quite a few nice ones on their website. Definitely worth a look!

Stapler from Amazon - Staplers are office essentials, why not make it super fun and get one with copper staples to make those boring documents a little bit more fun.

Pen pots from Amazon - There are some really nice pen pots from Amazon. I think the hippo one is cute and childish. Whereas the marble one is more stylish. Depending on your taste, I thought they were both really suitable.

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