Cosy Gift Guide

Saturday, December 11, 2021

Looking for some Christmas present Inspiration, think no more... I have plugged together a list of a few things that are on my Christmas list this year and a gift guide that's very on brand...

DIY Suggestions 
If you don't want to break the bank but want a cute gift for a friend/family member, why not try and make a DIY set and get creative. Here are couple of ideas below. 

Hot Choc Set in a nice mug! (Add Hot Choc bombs, marshmallows and fluffy socks) 
DIY cake in a jar (You can buy these) but DIY, add all the dry ingredients to their fave bake, into a cute recycled jar and pop a nice tag to explain the rest! 
Cosy Night in Box - Add Fluffy Socks, Mug and Hot Choc B&M, Bubble bath, Candle (TkMaxx) and a good book/game/TV suggestions. Maybe for someone who loves a good cosy night in. Especially as January is just around the corner...

Perfect Cosy Gifts


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