5 steps to make your mornings better!

Tuesday, December 7, 2021

A morning routine should be unique to you. It took me ages to find a routine that worked for me and set me up for the day. Like anything I feel like it works because I just listen to my body and do what feels right. These are a few things I’ve implemented which have made my mornings, just that little bit better. 

Movement (be it yoga, a run or pilates video) 

I finish and get home from work very late so the only time I can fit working out is really only in the morning. Depending on how I’m feeling I will usually try and do a run/cycle or some sort of pilates video for the first 30 mins. This is because I find exercise as way to optimise my mood and usually get rid of any tension. If I’m stressed or anxious, running is my go to, to get rid of the adrenaline. If I have high energy, I might cycle and if I’m feeling low energy I can do a pilates workout of YouTube. I usually just listen to my body when I wake up and do what feels best. 

A Hot Shower 

I don’t know what is it about hot showers but they make me feel so good and relaxed. If I’ve just ran, probably a no go but usually a warm shower just makes me feel refreshed and clean. I never used to be a shower in the morning, kind of girl but now I’m a convert. 

Get ready in my dressing gown and light a candle 

2 simple things but I feel like it makes my routine a lot more glamorous. Genuinely makes me feel all luxurious when I’m doing my skincare and makeup. 

Products that make this routine

New Creamy Cleanser. I don’t know why a creamy cleanser makes a routine feel so luxurious and calming but I very much enjoy it. 

Vanilla Pumpkin Bodywash - BodyShop. This shower gel smells incredible and stays on your skin. It foams into a loofa and feels so good on your body. I always think it’s super special when I use it. 


Breakdown of the Daily Makeup for Work:

Concealer - Lasting Perfection

NARS Sheer Glow

Powder fit me by Maybelline, 

eyebrow powder Benefit + Brow line brush - Zoeva

Better than sex mascara. 

(makeup reel on my Instagram) 

Hot Coffee + good podcast/playlist on my way 

Usually towards the end of the week a coffee is needed as soon as I get out the door. To my fellow coffee drinkers, you know how good the first sip is… 

I also love the use my commute to write blog posts and create reels for Instagram (@cozycapsule_) or listen a good podcast/playlist to get me in the mood. 

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