Positive things to do on your commute

Tuesday, October 5, 2021

 Commuting is a massive part of my life since I work around an hour and half away from where I work in London. That means when I go into London I spent a total of 3 hours a day travelling. That’s a lot of time. Of course some of it I’m driving and walking around but chucks of it would be on public transport. As it’s early in the morning and where your day is just starting, I think it’s important to fill it with positive activities to get it started on the right note. 

Here are some ideas of things I do on my commute:

  • Write out 10 things you are grateful for 
  • Listen to a fun playlist or your fave podcasts - I don’t know about you but I love keeping all my fave podcasts for cardio in the gym, walks and commutes! 
  • Call a friend and have a catch up, just not in the silent zone.
  • Text your friends, because you have no time in the day to do so… unfortunately me!!
  • Work on a hobby or do something creative - whether that’s a cross stitch, graphic design or a blog
  • Catch up on your fave tv program… or zzz (love an after work nap on the commute home). 

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