Speaking up about mental health in the workplace

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

 I wanted to speak up about this as this is something that has happened to me recently and if I can motivate just one person to speak up about their mental health from this, I will be happy. 

We spend most of our lives working so it’s really important that it doesn’t take over and affect us mentally. 


Something I am quite literally terrified over is opening about mental health so if you feel the same, you are not alone. 

My first tip would be to know how you would like to communicate it. Who or what is affecting you? Is it your manager or something at work? This will answer the question of who should I speak to about this.

After we have that covered, how would you like to communicate this? Are you someone who likes to talk and would rather vocalise your concerns or would it come out better in an email. I really like writing (hence having a blog) and find that a good way to communicate my concerns but everyone is different. If it makes you feel better, maybe send a draft to a friend or family member and see what they think as second opinion can always help. 

Once you’ve spoke to someone about it, you’ll feel so much better. A good manager/company should be there to support you 24/7 so if they aren’t and you are still unhappy, maybe it’s time you started looking elsewhere as you definitely deserve better. 

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