How to educate yourself on sustainability and climate change!

Sunday, October 10, 2021

Sustainability is becoming more and more important, which is great considering the absolute state us humans left it in. If you are new to Sustainability, I thought a little post on where to start, may be helpful! My awareness came from a talk I was lucky enough to experience at work. Sustainability is part of my role in my day job. Since listening to this talk, I have further explored the topic because it interested me a lot. I have listed my fave books and a few documentaries I recommend watching to gain a better understanding on sustainability.


No one is ever too small to make a change - Greta Thunberg 

Minimal how to simplify your life and live sustainability - Madeline Olivia 

(Plenty more, these are just ones I've read) 


AdGreen - I was trained through my work as I am part of their “green team” but it would benefit my job due to the nature of the industry I am in. Maybe this will inspire you to talk to your boss about making a team that focuses on some sustainable initiatives. 

Documentaries: (all can be found on Netflix) 


A Plastic Ocean 

Down to Earth Series 

A life on our Planet - David Attenborough 

My fave sustainable creators (Youtube): 

Madeline Olivia 

Sustainably Vegan 

Immy Lily

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