5 sustainable swaps to try!

Saturday, October 16, 2021

If you read my post on educating yourself around sustainability, see this is as part two. If not, please give it a read, first. Here are a list of things to start buying, swapping out things that are unsustainable. 

Cotton Pads SWAP for Re-usable Cotton Pads

A simple swap that will save you money in the long run. Re-usable pads to exactly the same trick as the cotton pads you just need to pop them in the wash instead of throwing them away. If you take care of them, they will last you a long time. 

Coffee cup from Starbucks for Reusable Keep Cup 

How about a pumpkin spice in a re-usable keep cup to save the planet. Usually cafes will give you a discount aswell so there is another plus! It’s a simple thing to carry around and coffee cups aren’t generally recyclable because of the film that covers in the inside of cup. One of my fave brands is Frank Green. I used to have one of their re-usable keep cups and you can pop the lid to stop it leaking out. The plastic was also biodegradable.

Start shopping in eco friendly collections and investing in your clothes 

I want to do a post separately on sustainable fashion but here are a few of my fave brands that do good recycled clothing items.


H&M - the denim is really good! 

Tala - sustainable workout clothing. 

Swap plastic water bottles for a chilli bottle. 

Chilli bottles or insulated metal bottles are not that expensive and genuinely worth investing in. We are all constantly throwing away plastic so do your part and get a cute reusable bottle to fill on the go. 

Try swap one meal with meat in, to a veggie meal.

Unfortunately burgers are one of our leading causes of climate change. Not burgers personally but cows and the whole creation process. Simply swapping a meal or doing a meatless Monday will save us an incredible amount of water, land, CO2 and an animal or two. It may also be fun to get creative in the kitchen and make some delicious plant based meals. 

Even though these are simple swaps, if everyone changes something small, it’ll lead to big change. So I motivate you to try doing one of these swaps for Mother Earth. 


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