Rating brunches in London

Friday, September 24, 2021

Just in case you need some inspiration for days out in London and alcoholic brunches as the summer comes to an end (pretty good way of summing up my summer this year) I thought I would review/rate a couple of the brunches I went on. I have had to make do with the pictures my past self took as I am not sure I was so focused on blog content, more on the Prosecco....

Skinny Kitchen, Angel 

This is the sort of place I would recommend if you want to have a good time and have clubbing, boogie in your chair kinda vibes. There is a live DJ and saxophone player which makes it so much more fun. 
The whole brunch was around £50 but you get unlimited Prosecco, 1 main brunch meal (which are all super yummy) and a pudding selection. Definitely more on the pricey side of a brunch but worth the money as the atmosphere was very good. 
One recommendation would be to try and get a seat indoors as that’s where the music is the loudest. If you are just off for brunch and chat, outdoors is still great and you can actually hear your friends! 

Serata Hall, Old Street

This was a lovely brunch! This was on the cheaper end of the scale but didn’t not fail me! It’s £26 for unlimited Prosecco, Bellini and a rum punch bowl. All delicious and washed down with a yummy pizza. The pizza was super fresh and delicious. The Margarita pizza was the cheapest option but a recommendation. Music was really good and the place was very instagram worthy. I feel like this would be a good place if you wanted chill drinks and to chat up with old friends over pizza if that’s what you enjoy. 

Brother Marcus, Angel 

This was a Middle Eastern inspired bar. It’s located within the cute streets/market a couple of minutes walk from Angel tube station. Somewhere you can defo just pop in for a spot of lunch or dinner. The vibe was very very chilled. Music is quite quiet in the background but regardless the food was delicious and definitely a great place if you just want to chat up with your friends and not wanting a lively time. Needless to say when I went to this brunch, I got smashed! It was £42 all in for unlimited Prosecco, bloody Mary’s, Bellinis and Beers plus a main meal and side. Definitely worth the money as the food was different but delicious.

Pergola, South Kensington 

I went to Pergola with my boyfriend quite a long time ago. We had unlimited Prosecco and an espresso martini each. There is a lot of variety in terms of food with lots of independent chains, so there is so much choice for food. We went here in summer and it was beautiful. You get to overlook all of London and the place is covered in green plants. Music was good and just had a really nice time. Again another one I got very drunk at... 

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