Beauty Faves I cannot live without

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

I thought I would touch on my absolute fave beauty/make up products that I couldn’t imagine my beauty regimes without. They are all products/brands I have repurchased for years and just love. 

Too Faced "Better Than Sex" Mascara (Waterproof)

This mascara is definitely my favourite mascara out there and I’m quite picky when  it comes to then as I like my lashes to look a certain way. It gives them length and volume with a couple of coats. It also doesn’t budge at all, honestly some eye make up removers can’t take it off so I would say it’s really waterproof. Only issue I get sometimes is a bit of transfer but apart from that, absolutely incredible.

Zoeva "Brow Line" Brush 

This is my go to brush for applying my brow powder and sharp eyeliner. It’s really dense and tapered on an angle which helps with creating precise brow strokes and sharp edges. I’ve recommended it to friends and family and use it everyday. 

Collection "Lashing Perfection" Concealer 

This is an old fave of mine. I remember when I first discovered this concealer and it was £2.70. Now it’s around £4 but it’s probably gone up in price because of how much love it has for its creamy formula. Blends really nicely and I would say it’s a good dupe for the NARS creamy concealer. 

NYX "Lingerie Liquid Matte" Lipstick

Another old fave but these lipsticks don’t budge and I absolutely love the finish of them. Such a big range of colours and a lovely creamy Matte finish. Ideal for a night of wine drinking as it doesn’t transfer onto the glass. 

NARS Sheer Glow Foundation

This is my trusty fave foundation, absolutely love everything about it. It’s a beautiful creamy medium coverage foundation and effortlessly buildable. It’s semi matte which allows a beautiful glow to the skin. Just a staple of mine. 


Sarah’s Day Smoochy Balm 

This is made by an influencer in Australia so it was fairly expensive to get it sent to the UK but it’s the one lip balm that I fine genuinely keeps my lips super soft. It’s made by all natural products with coconut oil and shea butter in. There is no tint but smells incredible. 

Zara Perfume 

This is a general new fave. Zara perfumes are fairly cheap, roughly ranging from £14-17 per perfume and there are so many different scents to chose from. A lot of good dupes for expensive perfumes and perfect to spritz before a casual day out or day in the office, where you don’t want to use expensive perfumes and go all out. 

Essie Nail polish 

Again another general fave. Essie Nail polishes as a whole are really good long wearing nail polish. There are an abundance of shades to chose from and I think the brush application is perfect for painting on nail polish if you are a beginner. Definitely worth treating yourself. 

Garnier Banana Hair Mask

This hair mask smells incredible and makes your hair feel super soft. Leave it on for a long as possible and feel the benefits after. Honestly got this as a gift last Christmas, use it sparingly but will be repurchasing. Sooo good that my sis keeps stealing it. 

Palmers Coconut oil Anti-Oxidant firming lotion 

This is an interesting moisturiser. It’s very thick and leaves your skin feeling moisturised but tight. I feel like it’s the perfect moisturiser for the pre-night out pamper. Smells delicious and sinks into the skin quickly.

MAC "Velvet Teddy" Lipstick 

Velvet Teddy is such an old “raved about” shade but seriously so nice. With my olive skin tone and blonde-ish hair, it really compliments a lot of makeup looks I do and it’s a pretty basic shade. Mac lipsticks formula are buttery and smell really nice. 


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