All Things Good: January Faves!

Monday, February 10, 2020

I thought I’d round up a few of my favourite things I’ve been enjoying, now Jan is finally over... (i know this is late, but later is better than ever...).

Cosy Fave - Layering up

It’s definitely getting colder in London and I hate being cold. So to combat that I’ve been layering up a lot. Just by putting a t-shirt on under a jumper and leggings under trousers does make a massive difference. It’s also an excuse to bring out the fluffy socks and the big scarfs/hats. 

Dewy looks 

I recently started using a different foundation to my normal go to which is the Nars sheer glow.
I tried out my mums charlotte tilbury foundation "light wonder" and to say the least she isn’t getting it back, sorry... It’s a light consistency and blends on the face well and leaves my skin glowing with a hint of colour. I would really recommend you give this a try, it’s definitely a light/medium coverage but it’s buildable. 
Along with the makeup theme, I have also been loving not wearing highlighter in my daily routine. My go-to at the moment is the "Cheerleader" palette from Benefit. It has the famous Hoola and 2 different blushes which a mix together to get that perfect crisp wintery glow.

Nail polish 

Over the Christmas period, I had a lot of events on so I got acrylics so I didn’t have to worry about my clipped nails all the time. However, with a job that needs me to type everyday towards the end I got fed up of not being able type fast enough so I took them off. Now I’ve been TRYING to love my natural nails abit more and look after them so make them strong again. I've been loving Barry M Gel Nail Polish for a touch of colour.

Drinking more water

As January is the month of health and vegans by looks of things, one healthy habit I tried to be conscious of, was drinking more water. 
I have a cute water bottle which keeps my water nice and cold and I’ve been trying to drink at least 4 of them a day. It does make a massive difference to the way you feel and your skin feels. I feel more energetic and full. I can’t recommend it enough. If you struggle getting your 2 litres in, why not set some nice reminders on your phone throughout the day to drink more or get an app like plant nanny, which allows you to digitally grow cute plants as you drink more. 

River island perfume 

I got gifted a cute handbag size of the Paris perfume by River Island from a friend for my birthday and omg, it’s delicious. I am rubbish at describing perfumes but I am going to go and buy the full size today as I’m writing this.  It’s a light scent and not mega expensive so perfect for an everyday wear. (Retails at £14)

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