Edinburgh Travel Guide

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

I was surprised by my lovely boyfriend, for my 21st birthday I got to go to Edinburgh for a couple of days. Ever since I’d seen all of the pictures of cute tiny streets and incredible architecture, I was hooked. 

I did end up going to some amazing places so I thought I would put together a list of the places I absolutely loved and why. So if you ever plan a trip to Edinburgh this might help. 

Edinburgh Castle 

Edinburgh castle was beautiful. It’s was full of history and incredible views of Scotland. It’s almost like a town when you get into the castle  filled with lots of little museums which explain the history behind the castle. There is also a cafe there and I had a delicious cake and tea. 


I went to the Grassmarket on my last day and I wished I had gone there sooner. It’s filled with lovely independent shops and cute Harry Potter museums as JK Rowling got a lot of inspiration from Edinburgh. 
There were lots of small Scottish pubs around which were warm and homely. 

Royal mile 

The royal mile was amazing. It was lengthy road (a mile long) that runs all the way up to the castle. It was filled with amazing tourist shops and lots of cool restaurants/pubs. I was also lucky to hear the bagpipes which really made me feel like I was in Scotland. 

Camera Obsura and world of illusions. 

This was a last minute place we went into and turned out really fun and I recommend anyone goes there if you come to Edinburgh. It’s got incredible views of Edinburgh and a cool camera obsura show. It was a good laugh and definitely made my tummy turn at some points. 

Things to try whilst your in Edinburgh


The Scottish are famous for their whisky so we had to try some. As both my boyfriend and I aren’t the biggest fans of it anyways, ‘the Scottish whisky’ didn’t turn our heads. However if you do like whisky, there is a lot to try. 

Hot Toddy 

After googling what a hot toddy was, I thought it was really weird but still decided to give it a try and I kept seeing it all over the menus. For anyone who doesn’t know it’s a combination of  whisky, honey, lemon, herbs and spices, served hot. Smelt abit like medicine if I’m being honest, but definitely warmed me up as it was so cold outside. I probably wouldn’t jump out my way to have one again but I wasn’t bad. 

Edinburgh Gin 

I am a big lover of gin and the Edinburgh gin really hit the spot. They have a lot of different flavoured gins which all tasted delicious with tonic. I didn’t end up going to the distillery but next time I come up, I will definitely be going there. 


Do not google what is in this, just eat it! I actually really liked haggis but when you know what it’s made of, you could get put off slightly. I always think it’s super important to try things so I would definitely give it go!

I hope this gives you a round up of a few things to do in Edinburgh or inspires you to take a trip there yourself.

P.S wrap up warm and make sure you have an umbrella on you at all times.

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