a long pause...

*sips tea @ 10 pm on a monday evening*

Recently I had to do a lot of work, meaning I spent majority of my hours in November and December  working my ass off which left me rich (not gonna lie), tired and completely lost. At that job I had one of the best times of my life however it took all of the energy of out me and I literally did work, rest, tea and repeat for 12 weeks straight. I'm not going to lie it killed me and not only that I completely stopped doing everything I loved doing because I simply didn't have the time or I was exhausted. This took away my cute artsy personality that I am pretty much known for (or being a white, basic bitch). A month has gone on and I am finally becoming myself again which is honestly one of the most refreshing feelings in the entire world. A lesson to learn for me... Even when your tired and busy, make sure you make time to keep doing things you love and keep learning because thats what keeps you happy after all.