Places I want to visit in the UK

*the world is our oyster, so lets dream to explore*

I am a lover of exploring new places and now that I can drive, I've definitely found a bunch of places I want to explore. Obviously, I am going to have to find the time out of my busy work schedule but I would definitely like to go down to some of these places in the near future. 

London Mews, Clapham and Shoreditch. 
London is amazing place to explore because its super busy and always something going on. Coming from someone who has lived in the countryside majority of my life, I absolutely love the "russle & bussle" of the city which you don't get in the quiet land that I live in.

I've been to Brighton quite a few times now and I would definitely say it is one of my happy places. (I know it sounds weird). The fact that it is a seaside town with cute lanes and independent shops is really what i love about it. I would love to live down there for a bit because the place definitely suits my cute personality to a T. 

I have never been to Cornwall but I would honestly love to go and stay in a little cottage but the seaside in a seaside town. I have hear so many people rave about how amazing and pretty Cornwall is but I never really gone before but I would love to go for the weekend to see how cute it really is. 

Deal, Kent 
Deal is another town, that has a fifties edge to it and has cute little cottages and pubs which I am becoming way to obsessed with. I don't know to much about the village but I would absolutely love to go there and learn and explore around the cute town. 

When I was a kid, I went to Dorset for a camping trip and Ive honestly forgotten how adorable the town is. I really love how they savoured old relics like steam trains and kept the town slightly more vintage. Definitely somewhere I want to look round.

I went to bath with my family once and it was honestly so beautiful. Funnily enough, its not a seaside town, haha but it is an adorable town filled with thatched roofs and cute shops. The town also has a lot of history which it is why its so frickin interesting and adorable. 

Hope this encourages to visit some places and take some cute instagrams haha.