My Signature Scents

I have particular scents that when friends smell them, they think of me. So I call them my signature scents and the ones I gravitate to the most. 

Belle Opium -This is a more of a spicy & sexy mature scent but I absolutely love it. I am really bad at describing scents but its amazing and I always get compliments when I wear it. As much as I rave about it, I think you have to be a certain age to really enjoy the scent because its fairly mature however you may like the scent straight away, it just had to grow on me for a bit.

Chanel Mademoiselle Fragrant Moisture Mist - Its a fresh & floral scent and if you are looking for a scent to match a fun personality, I think this is perfect. Its subtle floral scent is really light but clings onto the skin because its a fragrant moisture mist so its long-lasting which is great. 

Victoria Secret Tease Noir - My fave sexy and sweet body fragrance ever!! This is one I opt more in the summer and spring but its totally wearable all year round. This may sound weird but I really like a perfume/body spray should tie a look together and I think thats exactly what this perfume does and definitely makes you stand out. Whenever I go out clubbing I always cover myself in this perfume, just because it makes me feel sexy and super confident. 

Hope this gives you some perfume recommendations to go and try!