Liebster Awards

Many Thanks to Sarah (@mycupoftea_blog) & Olivia (@oliviagrams) for tagging me to do the Liebster Awards and Versatile Blogger Award. (Sorry, I actually picked questions from Sarah's Liebster Awards, however this blogpost does actually share some interesting facts about me so I hope it makes you happy.)
Since two bloggers so kindly tagged me to do this, I thought I would pick my favourite questions from the both and answer 10 questions all together because I didn't want this to be the longest post ever and also didn't want to not include some of the questions.

#1 Something no one knows about you - I actually had growth injections for 5 years of my life, because my bones were slow at growing lol. But now, I'm 5"2 which is still small but I don't mind it as the best things come in small packages.

#2 Something you like about yourself - My confidence because I never used to be confident and it took me ages to get to the stage I am at now but it feels pretty damn good!!

#3 Fondest Memory - The one that always pops into my head is when my family all got together and put christmas decorations on our new fresh christmas tree. We were all getting along for once, blasting christmas tunes and working together to create a masterpiece.

#5 A principle you live by - simply "everything happens for a reason"

#6 Biggest Fear - In the grand/deep scheme of things, death and literally anything involving the topic of death I am absolutely terrified of. Additionally, a stupid little fear I have are of rodent; so mice, rats and hamsters.

#7 Ambition in life - To create something, could be a business or a brand that makes others happy as it will reflect in my own happiness and overall just become a boss of my life.

#8 What would be your desert island movie? - Due Date. Its literally the funniest movie and I could watch it on repeat so I would never get bored.

#9 Ice Cream or Chocolate? - Chocolate... all the way.

#10 What is something you'd like to accomplish this year? - I have a saving goal of £1000 for the end of this year and I am hoping to reach it!!

I nominate: Ellie (, Casey (, Anna (, Emma ( & Jenny (

My Questions are:

#1 - One word to describe you as a person.
#2 - Something that makes you incredibly happy.
#3 - Funniest Memory.
#4 - Whats something you do that makes you de-stress and makes you super happy?
#5 - Why did you create your blog and whats the meaning behind it? (Be honest!)
#6 - Your favourite place to visit.
#7 - Something you can't live without.
#8 - A proud accomplishment in your life so far.
#9 - A flaw you've learnt to love about yourself.
#10 - A secret you don't mind sharing about yourself, make it interesting.

There are no tagging rules, however try and look for blogs that have smaller followings so we can share their blogs n' spread the love. Good luck xxx