Cozy Life Hacks I swear by

At night when you wanna go to bed but also wanna chill and cozy up. I would turn on all my fairy lights and burn all my candles to create a light haven. 

I would typically do this straight after a bath because you’ll be all warm and relaxed. I absolutely love lush baths or bubble baths at this time of year. 

If you can’t afford a heated blanket. I have a little trick to get your bed nice and toasty. If you boil some water and pour it into a glass bottle and then pop into your bed and it will warm it up really quickly. 

Make a warm drink. I typically go for a hot chocolate which I have a blogpost on which you can check out. I also like Tea, I honestly depends on my mood. 

Lastly put on a film, Netflix tv show or even a YouTube video. I love Xmas movies to get me feeling festive and cozy or zoellas vlogs because I am obsessed with her. 

I do a lot of these “hacks” every night because it makes my evening routine really relaxing and I just enjoy doing them. I hope you try some of these and enjoy x