Recent Autumn Fashion Staples!

Hi, sorry I have been MIA with posts, I have been so busy with work and my life that I haven't had time to make decent posts for everyone, but I'm back!

#1 Denim Jacket - I absolutely love denim around this time of year because its a good item to keep you warm and can make an outfit look cool and casual. I have been loving pairing it with jumpers to keep me super warm as it is getting cold now. My denim jacket is from Forever 21 and I like it a lot more because the jacket is a lot more lightweight (as denim can be a heavy material) so its easier to move around in it.

#2 Jumpers - The most needed essential for the autumn/winter. A simple jumper and jeans is an easy outfit put together and will keep you super warm and cozy. My jumper was from Pull&Bear and its velvet and I absolutely love the pink colour.

#3 Scarf - I love plaid scarfs in the autumn, because they add a lot of character to an outfit and I almost associate the pattern with the season. I don't no where I got my scarf from but they are tons of plaid scarfs out right now as they are very trendy this autumn and will definitely keep you warm this winter.

#4 Black Bag - I've been loving this old TopShop leather black bag. It has loads of compartments and zips which gives it the edgy but fashionable look. It completely changes the look of an outfit and can bring something that looks simple and boring to cool and edgy while keeping you super organised.

#5 Jewellery - I am not talking about any jewellery in particular but I really think that jewellery can add so much to an outfit. I love rose gold and love the way it compliments grey, black and pastel tones. You can literally buy jewellery from Primark which is so inexpensive and you can look fashionable in seconds.

Hope you enjoyed this post!