My Homemade Hot Choc

*sips out of her mug*

A warm mug of hot choc after a walk in the freezing cold or after dinner in the evening is a lovely satisfying treat that you can really only get away with drinking, in the winter. I thought I would share my staple, ride or die, hot chocolate recipe with you.


1 heeped tbsp of Cadbury's Hot Chocolate Powder (anyone will do but that's my fave)
1 mug of milk (your desired mug for the drink)
1 saucepan
Marshmallows, Whipped Cream and Cinnamon are optional but worth it.


#1Fill your mug o' choice with milk and pour into the saucepan.

#2Pop in your Hot Chocolate Powder and stir until smooth and leave to simmer for 2-3 minutes

#3Pour the hot drink into your mug and decorate with whipped cream, cinnamon and marshmallows if ya feeling fancy or have on its own.

Hope you enjoy x