How to make the dark, cold mornings a bit more bearable.

There's nothing more horrible than setting you alarm for 6 am, the night before and already dreading waking up to a dark and miserable morning. Since I have been doing this for a few years now with college and work, I have mastered a few tricks that definitely make my mornings more easy.

#1 Prepare everything the night before. I always find myself struggling to fall asleep anyways so I always make sure I gather my clothes for the next day, pack my bag and plan my lunch, so I don't have to stress in the morning.

#2 Set a few alarms and wake up 15 mins earlier. (This is one of those tips that sounds terrible, but...) By setting a few alarms, the relieve of knowing the first alarm is just a warning always makes me happy and prepares me to get up when I actually need to. Also by waking up 15 mins earlier, means that you can take your usual morning ritual a little slower and actually try and enjoy it. (I know the pain)

#3 Caffeine!! If you really struggle with waking up in the morning and you need something to perk you up, maybe try having some coffee, tea or even green tea, to give you a little burst of energy before you start to concur the day. I also drink mine in the car on the way to work, slightly dangerous but I really enjoy sippin on my hot drink on my commute.

#4 Turning on your car 10 minutes before you get in it. This is honestly one of the best tips for winter. Once I have usually finished eating breakfast, ill pop on some random shoes and turn my car on and pop the heating onto the highest setting, then leave my car and by the time I come to get in, to go, its nice, warm and cozy.

#5 Good music playlist for your commute. Whether you drive or use public transport or whatever, I find listening to good songs always puts me in a really good mood. So sit back and make a long playlist of your favourite tunes to jam along too, for when your next needing to face a dark and cold morning.

Hope this helps xox