Halloween Inspired Sleepover

If your not one of a party or you may have outgrown "trick or treat" possibly this is an idea for you...

The idea of inviting all of your friends round to pig out into halloween sweeties and chocolate and binge watch horror movies could be fitting for some and be a really fun way to celebrate the occasion. I absolutely love halloween and sleepovers, so naturally in my brain, the two fit together perfectly. I thought I could give you some ideas of what to do if you decide to host your very own halloween sleepover.

I brought some of the pumpkin spiced brownies from the coop. If I am being honest I wasn't expecting much from them but they were actually amazing and I would highly recommend them as they have added a pumpkin spiced flavour to the brownie which is different to your normal brownie or you could make you own festive treats with your friends and pig out afterwards.

Take some cute photos of you all dressed up, in pyjamas or in comfy clothes wrapped in blankets and snuggling up. INSTA TIP; If you cover the background in fairy lights behind you and then take a photo of all your friends fairly in front of the "back drop", the fairy lights will blur, giving the shot a very cozy vibe.

Get in the spirit with "Hocus Pocus", "The Nightmare Before Halloween" (its a halloween themed movie) or "Corpse Bride". I guarantee these movies will get you in the halloween spirit. You may also want to watch a horror movie like "The Conjuring 2" or "Insidious", those of which are just a few of my faves. But horror movies are great to watch with a bunch of friends as it is really fun to react together and laugh or be incredibly scared.

I hope this post gives you a fun idea to help you celebrate halloween this year.