Chai Teas & Faux Fireplaces

*takes a sip of her large chai tea*

I feel like the only seasons you can really get away with indulging in chai tea are in the autumn and winter as the spices compliment the cold weather so very well. If you've been living in a dark whole and don't no what a chai tea is... its a tea blend of spices which are often cinnamon, cardamom pods, ginger, peppercorns and cloves. 

You can make it in two ways, as a black tea with milk or a herbal tea. One has a slight bit of caffeine in it from the black tea so it is a great coffee or tea replacement for the cold winter months. My favourite brands for that kind of tea would be Twinings & Tea Pigs. (Click on them, to find out more or buy them - my recommendation!) You simply seep the teabag in hot water, add sugar or sweetener of choice and add milk!

The other way you enjoy chai tea is a herbal tea, which is just all of the spices and no black tea. This is perfect for when you want a hot drink before bed as it's caffeine free so it prepares your body for bed. My favourite brand for a herbal version would be Pukka Vanilla Chai because of its vanilla warm spicy taste. Tea recipe is to pop the teabag in hot water, wait 2 - 5 minutes for the best results and put some sugar or sweetener of choice. 

Lastly, I wanted to mention a cozy life hack that I learnt and wanted to share. As not all of us have a fireplace in our rooms or a portable bonfire. You can actually get 8 hour long videos of fireplaces and if you put it on full volume, you'll be able to hear the crackling of the fire. Click this link to watch my fave video and feel extra cozy n warm. There you now have a crackling fire where ever you go!