Brunch at Elaine's

*had an instagrammable meal so decided to blog about it*

Elaine is a health food cafe and if you have one near you, I would highly recommend going to it. The vibe is incredibly cozy which I'm all about. Everything is also very healthy and made from whole foods and they have vegan options aswell. My friend and I decided to go there for brunch on a Sunday, (well more like breakfast) when it opened and it was delicious. I had granola with almond milk and an Earl Grey tea. We also shared some avo on toast. It was just a lovely and relaxing way to start the morning. The cafe itself was super instagrammable from any angle and it was fairly quiet which was really lovely aswell. It was slightly expensive but for the service, quality of the food and general atmosphere, the pay made out for it. 

Would highly recommend this cafe to possibly kick start a healthy lifestyle aswell.