Autumn Cozy Bath Recipe

*steps into a giant bubble bath*

I love baths in the around this time of year and as Lush just came out with their bath bomb collection, I thought I would scope out their halloween range to create my very own bath recipe. A bath recipe is a mixture of bath bombs and bubble bars that combine together to make the most perfect bath for this time of year.

Bath Recipe 
1 quarter of the sparkling pumpkin bubble bar 
1 whole pumpkin bath bomb

One of my faves have been the sparkling pumpkin bubble bar because its so glittery and smells absolutely delicious. It has spicy and sweet notes and crumbles easy under warm running water and creates the biggest bubbles and gives your bath a orangey tint to it. I broke my bubble bar into for pieces so that I use this bubble bar more than once and get my moneys worth.

The last fave has been the pumpkin bath bomb because of its fiery orange colour and fresh scent. By popping in this bath bomb you will smell the fresh but sweet sherbet scent. My bath bombs have scented my bathroom for the last couple of days so every time I walk in, my bath room smells like a lush store, one of the best smells ever.

 I highly recommend this bath recipe for a cold night in or a rainy day to let all the stress melt away and help you get super duper cozy.